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Central Jersey Water Well Abandonment and Decommissioning - Summit Well & Pump Co., Inc.

We provide Central Jersey Well Decommissioning & Well Abandonment Services, and we are NJ State Certified to seal abandoned wells.

Abandoned water wells can pose a threat to your health and safety, as well as to the environment. Decommissioning a Central Jersey water well is the sealing and permanent closure of an active, abandoned or unusable water well for the purpose of eliminating physical hazards, preventing groundwater contamination, and restoring natural hydrogeologic conditions.

Decommissioning a Central Jersey water well involves several steps, including but not limited to, removing obstructions around the well, disinfecting the well, grouting and sealing the well, and filling the well with clean soil to establish to grade level.

Leading Central Jersey Water Well Decommissioning and Sealing

If you no longer wish to keep your well, or if you have (or know of) a water well that's abandoned and needs to be sealed and legally decommissioned, contact the New Jersey State Certified professionals at Summit Well & Pump Co., Inc. by calling us at 732-356-2700, or email us.

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